Vinyl Pinking and Discoloration When It is Hot!

Seats turning brown, vinyl pinking or vinyl discoloration has become a very common issue across the marine industry. The phenomenon perplexes many boat owners fearing they ruined their boat upholstery when in fact sometimes all it takes is 30-6o minutes in direct sunlight to make it disappear. The reaction to creating the stains only happens when the boat is exposed to a humid and hot environment at the same time. Boaters struggle with his issue since boats are always wet from normal use then they cover the boat up to protect it from the elements creating the perfect greenhouse environment for pinking to do its thing when things heat up. Marine Fabricator released a great article to explain the science behind vinyl discoloration to help boaters understand more how it happens and how to prevent it. 

To sum it up, this is no new phenomenon to

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