What fuel treatment should I use in my watersports boat?

How often should you use Marine STA-BIL? The short answer for all marine equipment is it should be used AT EVERY FILL-UP for ultimate, year-round protection against corrosion. One treatment of the product will stabilize the fuel for up to 12 months (only if added to fresh fuel). Sta-Bil provides defense against the harmful effects of ethanol-blended fuels and contains industry-leading water removal properties.

Why should you use Marine Sta-Bil? Some new ethanol fuel blends can start to degrade in just 30 days. That can lead to problems with starting and performance, leading to a day of frustration rather than one of fun and sun on the water. Ethanol has become the bane of boaters and can lead to serious catastrophic damage left untreated.

I use ethanol-blended fuels, now what? Fortunately, there is a solution to this growing problem. Adding a fuel stabilizer to your boat’s

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