Malibu Boats

Malibu Boats

In 1982, six waterskiing pals decided they wanted to make the best ski boats in the land and on the water. Naming the brand for a sunny Southern California mecca famous for wet pleasure, they began producing watersports boats that have built a reputation as among the best in the business. Along the way, Malibu Boats has continued to innovate with creations like the first wakeboard hull.

A few years later, in 1989, Bill "Bakes" Baker started his own watersports business here in Washington state. Bakes sold seven Malibu boats at an average price of $13,000 apiece during that inaugural year. But it was the start of a beautiful relationship. Ever since, Bakes Marine and Malibu Boats have been practically joined at the hip.

That makes us a smart choice if you're on a sea quest for Malibu Boats gear. When you combine our long association with this premium maker of wakeboarding, wakesurfing and performance boats with our deep inventory and know-how of what makes these boats go, why would you shop anywhere else?

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You can locate hundreds of hard-to-find Malibu boat parts here from practically anywhere. Our inventory covers everything from simple hardware like gaskets, bolts and ballast fittings to advanced electronics like power modules and Malibu touch screen displays.

Malibu boat accessories like decals can add some extra flair to your boat, so we stock a large selection of Malibu stickers with exciting designs. These also make great gifts for those Malibu maniacs you are shopping for.

If you're looking to keep your Malibu boat as pretty as the day you first stepped aboard, we've got you covered. Our Malibu boat covers are hand-made in the U.S. for a sure fit and rugged durability. They will resist sun, wind and rain while keeping dust, debris and leaves off your prized possession.

Can't find what you want or have questions? No problem! We are more than just a website. With more than a century of combined experience, we have the expertise to answer your questions and set you on the right course for fun. Contact us via phone or email for surefire solutions.

Malibu Boats Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Malibu Boats manufactured?

Malibu boats are built by a team of over 700 employees at three manufacturing facilities located in Merced, California; Loudon, Tennessee; and South Wales, Australia.

What is the best Malibu boat?

The best-selling Malibu towboat of all time is the Wakesetter 23 LSV. It won the WakeWorld Riders Choice Award in 2018, 2020 and 2021, cementing its place as the most popular boat for wake surfing and wakeboarding.

How much does a Malibu boat weigh? How much does a Malibu ski boat weight?

Although the average ski boat weight is 4,657 pounds, this varies depending on the model. The award-winning Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV clocks in at 5,200 pounds in stock form while the M235 performance towboat has a dry weight of 6,200 pounds. Make sure to check the weight before purchasing.

How do I adjust the Malibu boat engine mount?

This is done using the adjusting stud the engine bracket sits on. Use a torque wrench to raise or lower the bottom nut as needed, then tighten the top nut. Remember that the higher the mount sits on the stud, the more stress it causes.

How do I change a Malibu boat propeller?

You can find the complete Malibu boat propeller removal and installation process on page 134 of our 2011 Malibu Boats Service Manual. Use a propeller pulling tool to reduce the risk of damage.

How do I clean Malibu boat seats?

The Babe's Seat Soap Bundle is a proven way to remove dirt, marine scum, oils and more from your boat seats. It works on vinyl, leather and plastic surfaces - and it's approved by Malibu.

How do I replace Malibu boat decals?

If your vinyl boat decals are too stubborn to remove using a fingernail, other options include:
  • Special adhesive remover
  • A razor blade scraper or vinyl chipper
  • Heat gun
  • Eraser wheel
  • Hot water pressure washer

Can Malibu boats go in saltwater?

Although most towboats are designed for freshwater sailing, Malibu does offer some saltwater boats, such as the Sportster LX. You can bring a freshwater-rated boat into saltwater as long as you thoroughly clean the vessel afterward.

What are the benefits of owning a Malibu boat?

Malibu wake boats have a well-deserved reputation of being reliable. Their engines are efficient and quiet, and they start right up after a winter in storage. Since 1993, Malibu has built every boat using their patented Fiberglass Engine Chassis System (FibECS) that combines fiberglass's durability with wood's sound-dampening qualities.

What companies does Malibu Boats own?

In addition to the premium Malibu Boats brand, the company also owns three other brands:

  • Axis Wake - An entry-level wake boat brand without the bells and whistles.
  • Cobalt Boats - A company that specializes in high-end speedboats.
  • Pursuit Boats - A center console, offshore fishing boat brand.

How do I winterize my Malibu boat?

Bakes Marine has all the Inboard Storage Do's and Don'ts that you need for a successful winterization. Among other things, make sure the fuel tank is either completely empty or completely full with a fuel stabilizer. You should also replace the engine fluids and filters before storage.

Where can I buy Malibu boat parts?

We are an authorized Malibu boat parts dealer with hundreds of available parts and accessories. We also have the resources you need to sail smarter. For example, if you need a Malibu boat steering cable replacement or throttle cable, use our cable fit chart to find the correct length. If you own an older Malibu, follow the operation and maintenance manual to keep it working like new.

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