Cracked engine block from freeze damage

Over this past 2020-2021 winter, many boaters may have experienced deep freezes in areas that normally do not experience these conditions. The extreme cold weather along with power outages may have caused catastrophic damage. To make sure your boat is up and running for this season, we would strongly suggest any boat exposed to freeze damage be fully inspected as soon as possible. It may be necessary to run the engine longer than typical to go through temperature cycles before damage is fully recognized. Sometimes the damage may have occurred, but symptoms may not be present at first. Multiple operating cycles may be necessary to fully inspect for damage.  Ensure that you inspect the engine oil, oil cooler, transmission cooler, and fluid. Be sure to also check the v-drive fluid. Inspect engines with freshwater systems as well. If the antifreeze protection level was not maintained, the damage could be done to this system as well. Be sure to relay this information to any customer who

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