Moomba Boats

Moomba Boats

Based in Tennessee, Moomba Boats has built a reputation for providing affordable fun on the water. That’s made them extremely popular among wakeboarding and watersports enthusiasts.

A Great Team

The Moomba philosophy aligns perfectly with our own mission here at Bakes Marine. Since our founding in 1989, we have been dedicated to top-notch customer service and providing quality products at a fair price. Combine those factors with our boating know-how and you can see why our family-run operation has become the longest-standing inboard dealer in the Northwest.

If you need Moomba boat parts, we make it easy for you to find what you need. Whether you want to shop Moomba boat parts online with us or visit our store here in Issaquah, Wash., you will discover an outstanding lineup of Moomba parts, covers and accessories.

Maintenance and Repair Parts

We have Moomba maintenance and replacement parts for inside and outside your boat. You can find all the maintenance and repair items you need here, like Indmar belts, Wix fuel filters and Indmar fuel pumps.

Topside, our inventory includes tower parts like hand knobs, mirrors and mounts. You’ll also find important navigational safety items here like tower anchor lights. We have stern drain plugs to keep your boat afloat and swim step brackets to help your riders get in and out of the boat easily and comfortably.

Protecting Your Pride and Joy

You’ve invested a lot in your Moomba boat. It makes sense to protect that investment with a quality boat cover that will guard against UV damage, water, dirt and debris.

Produced right here in the U.S., our Moomba boat covers can be made to meet your exact specifications. The self-clinging design of these custom covers means you don’t need tiedown straps.

We also carry Moomba trailer guide-on pole pads to protect your boat’s hull as well as spare tire covers to keep tires out of the sun. Besides protecting your property, these items feature attractive Moomba logos that look great.

Moomba Boats Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Moomba Boats made?

All Moomba Boats, along with their sibling brand Supra Boats, are made in a facility just outside Knoxville, Tennessee. One hundred percent of production is done at this location, including design and manufacturing. Both brands are a part of the Skier's Choice family.

Are Moomba Boats good for surfing? Which Moomba is best for surfing?

Moomba is considered one of the best surfing boat brands for water enthusiasts who are on a budget. Their Moomba Smart Plate and Flow 2.0 Surf System technology, which are built into nearly every Moomba boat, produce an excellent wake that makes surfers feel like they're riding a roller coaster. Some of the top Moomba surfing boat models include the Moomba Kaiyen, the Moomba Makai and the ever-popular Moomba Max.

How to winterize a Moomba boat?

Everything you need to know about Moomba boat winterization can be found in the Moomba owner's manual. The 2011 Moomba Owner's Manual, for example, has a complete winterization and dry storage section beginning on page 71. See more resources below to read manuals for other boat model years. You can also check out the Bakes Marine Inboard Winter Storage Do's and Don'ts guide for general guidance.

How much are Moomba Boats?

Moomba wakeboats are affordable compared to other brands, but they still command a price. Although the cost varies depending on which optional features you choose, one should expect to pay at least $79,000 for a brand-new Moomba, which is the tag on the Moomba Mondo with all standard features. For the Moomba Makai, the baseline price can break $100,000.

Where can I buy Moomba boat parts?

As an authorized Moomba Boats part dealer, Bake Marine offers an assortment of genuine OEM parts along with high-performance accessories. From custom boat covers to fuel pumps, we are a one-stop shop for boat enthusiasts from coast to coast. Get the best value and care for your vessel at Bakes Marine.

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