Although it has become the world’s largest privately held maker of gasoline-powered inboard engines, Indmar Marine started small. A U.S. Marine retiring after 20 years of service launched it as a second career. Today, Indmar remains family-owned and family-operated, just like Bakes Marine.

Made for Malibu

That’s only part of what makes us a great team. Bill “Bakes” Baker also started small, selling just seven Malibu Boats at an average price of $13,000 when he set up shop in 1989. Like Bakes, Indmar has a long association with premium Malibu Boats. In fact, Indmar manufactured the engines used in Malibus from 1996 to 2008.

If you’re looking for Indmar engine parts, we carry a wide selection of Indmar Marine Engines parts, supplies and accessories. You’ll find all the engine parts you need here, from bolts to remanufactured engine blocks. We have replacement Indmar marine parts like gaskets, hoses and serpentine belts as well as pulleys, carburetors and fuel pumps.

Malibu Maintenance and Repair

Our air filters, fuel filters and oil filters will help keep your engine clean, prolonging its life and performance. If it’s time to spark up your engine’s performance a bit, check out our ignition system tune-up kit. We also sell replacement spark plug wires, PCV valves and spark plugs to fit Indmar’s Malibu engines. Besides engines, we carry replacement parts for transmissions, including shift assemblies, transmission coolers and much more.

In addition to all the Indmar parts you can find here, we sell quality Indmar supplies. Indmar antifreeze will help your engine keep its cool even under the most demanding conditions. That can help prevent irritating breakdowns and costly towing and repairs.

Our Indmar transmission fluids will help keep your boat’s transmission shifting smoothly. We also carry Indmar engine oil in your choice of synthetic, synthetic blend or standard formulations.

Indmar Marine Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Indmar engines made? Who makes Indmar Marine engines?

Indmar Marine operates its own manufacturing facility in Millington, TN. They have a wide variety of general and specialized manufacturing capabilities, including precision CNC manufacturing, CAD design, comprehensive product testing and a state-of-the-art dyno lab. Since all Indmar engines are made in the U.S., they get to your doorstep fast.

What boats have Indmar engines?

More than 20 boat brands come stock with an Indmar engine, including Supra Boats, North River, Hudson and Pavati. We offer many resources for doing maintenance and diagnostics on these engines, including:

Ohms to temperature conversion - Use this chart when testing your coolant, oil pressure and fuel gauges to determine whether they are showing the correct resistance.

Marine Electronic Fuel Injection (MEFI) Manual - The ultimate guide for how to use, analyze and service your on-bard MEFI system. It includes an Indmar marine engine parts diagram, Indmar engine fault codes and other important information.

Indmar spark plug chart - When it's time to tune up your Indmar engine, we can tell you exactly what spark plugs and wires you'll need.

What oil do I use for Indmar engines?

If you operate your boat in an area with consistently warm temperatures or have a diesel-powered engine, use a higher-weight oil grade such as Indmar SAE 15W-40. For wider temperature ranges and gasoline motors, lower-viscosity oils like Indmar SAE 5W-30 provide the flow needed, especially in cold weather.

How do I winterize Indmar 5.7/Indmar Assault 325/Indmar 6.2 Raptor?

Properly preparing your engine for winter will help it fire right up in the spring. Browse the official Indmar Products guide for the complete process of how to winterize your Indmar Marine engine. It includes step-by-step instructions for both raw water-cooled engines and Salt Water Series motors.

Where do I buy Indmar parts?

Bakes Marine is an authorized dealer of Indmar engine parts. Order throttle bodies, thermostat housings, pulleys, Indmar coatings and hundreds of other inboard parts you need. We have worked on boats for more than 30 years and have the knowledge to make your engine hum again.

More Indmar Resources:

Indmar Ignition Timing Procedures and Distributor Adjustments

Indmar 302 and 351 Service Manual

Indmar EFI System Service and Diagnostic Manual
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