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  1. Best Father's Day Gifts for Dad's Who Love Their Boat

    Best Father's Day Gifts for Dad's Who Love Their Boat

    It's seldom easy to find a great present for anyone. That goes double when it comes to boat gifts for Dad. Boating gifts for Dad can be hard to judge if you're not a boater yourself. Even if you've got blue water running through your veins, gifts for boat lovers can seem expensive.

    Affordable Dad Gifts

    But you really don't have to break the bank to find a great gift for Dad on Father's Day. True, he might really appreciate a brand new Malibu boat parked on a spiffy new trailer in the driveway on the big day. But there are lots of far more affordable options that will show your pops you care, appreciate all the watery adventures he has shared with you and hope to accompany him on many more. Bakes Marine has a few suggestions for ideal Father's Day gifts for boaters.

    Apparel: Many a father has groaned inwardly as he has received the obligatory tie as a Father's Day present. Fortunately, you'll seldom see

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  2. Boat Organization and Storage Ideas

    Boat Organization and Storage Ideas

    Boats can look very spacious when you see them at a boat show or a dealer's lot. But once you get out on the water, a boat's holding capacity seems to magically shrink. Most things expand when you add water, but boats seem to shrink. Whether you are on the Queen Mary 2 or your own performance boat, space suddenly comes at a premium. And just as it is at home on land, so it is on a boat on water: you can never have too much storage and space.

    Never fear. No matter what size your boat is, Bakes Marine is happy to offer you some outstanding boat organization and storage ideas.

    Staying Alive

    Life vests are a safety must for any boat trip. They can present a challenge in that you want to have them handy in case of emergency but out of the way when you don't need them. To help preserve your life preservers and keep them in the best shape for when you need to use them, you should keep your life vests out of the sun

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  3. Common Boat Issues and Maintenance Tips

    Common Boat Issues and Maintenance Tips

    You've probably heard the old saw that the word boat stands for "break out another thousand." As with most sayings, there's a bit of truth in this hoary adage. Fortunately, by being proactive with your boat, you can tackle small problems before they get bigger and avoid a king-sized dent in your wallet. After all, a good boat represents a sizable investment for most folks.

    Bakes Marine is happy to share with you some tips for dealing with common boat issues and maintenance. In fact, boat problems and maintenance are closely related. The more maintenance you do, the fewer problems you and your boat will likely encounter.

    Boat Maintenance 101

    Let's start with engine maintenance. Just as with your car and truck, regularly changing the motor oil in your boat will help extend the engine's life. Typically boat owners change the oil and oil filter annually or every 100 hours, whichever comes first. But check

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  4. Lake Boating Rules Everyone on the Lake Should Know

    Lake Boating Rules Everyone on the Lake Should Know

    It's called pleasure boating for a reason. After all, the purpose of recreational boating is to have fun. You may not think of boating rules and regs as having anything to do with fun. But actually, most of the common lake boating rules in force around the country are based on common sense. Just as speed limits, traffic codes and driving rules are meant to ensure safety on land, boating laws are designed to ensure safety and good times for everyone on the water.

    Licensed to Drive

    Although some states have no requirements for a license to run a boat, many have been moving toward that practice in recent decades. Many requiring licenses "grandfather" in older boaters as safe but require younger boaters born after a certain date to have a license or pass a boating safety course. In addition, many states have minimum age limits for who can run a boat, generally running from 12 to 16 years of age. Be familiar with your own state's rules before you hand the wheel over to a younger

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  5. What you Need to Know about Boating with Pets

    What you Need to Know about Boating with Pets

    From the old sea dogs who centuries ago kept cats aboard their wooden ships to control rat populations in the hold, pets have long been as popular with their people on the water as they are on land. If you want to take your pet or pets on your boat, that's a great way for everyone to have even more fun on the water. But a few special considerations are in order before you head out. To ensure everyone has the best time possible, Bakes Marine offers a few easy tips for boating with pets.

    Water Dogs

    Most dogs just seem to be made for the water. A dog in a speedy boat with his ears flapping in the breeze can be a picture of pure joy. But if your dog or other pet has never been in a boat before, it's best to introduce this new experience to him gradually. After all, even just sitting in a boat with the waves and water lapping against its gunwales will be a new experience for sensitive pets. Before you get underway, let your pets hang out in the boat while it's docked for a while.

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