Looking for a Boat for Your Lake House? These are the Best Boat Types for Lakes

Looking for a Boat for Your Lake House? These are the Best Boat Types for Lakes

A lake house is a dream for those who love the water. If you've achieved that dream, you're also going to need the right boat so you can take advantage of having a lake in your backyard.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a lake boat, including the size of the lake and what activities you plan to use it for. The experts at Bakes Marine have made our picks for the best inboard lake boats and what you should consider before taking the plunge.

Pontoon Boats

The pontoon boat is one of the most versatile lake boats around. They were originally designed for slow cruising; however, some modern pontoons can reach speeds of 40 mph. They come in many sizes with signature wraparound seating and use an outboard motor to propel them through the water. While pontoon boats are very adaptable, the lack of a planing hull limits their top speed and makes rough waters more challenging.

Deck Boats

Like pontoons, the deck boat and other runabout boats are all-purpose watercraft. However, they are designed very differently. The seats in a deck boat all face forward, which most people find more enjoyable for high-speed cruising. Deck boats also have a deep-V hull to cut more smoothly through the water and be more stable. On the other hand, they usually don't have as many creature comforts.

Watersports Boats

Want to live to the extreme? A watersports tow boat is the answer. Also known as a ski boat or wake boat, these vessels have a powerful inboard engine, a modified V-hull and rear towers to pull people behind you. The propeller is also under the boat for safety. While they are excellent for wakesurfing, waterskiing or tubing, they won't be as stable at high speeds as a deck boat.

Personal Watercraft

If you want maximum thrills per minute, a water scooter or jet ski is the answer. These no-frills small watercraft have an inboard jet-drive engine and fit 1-4 people sitting or standing on the boat. Think of it like riding a motorcycle or a snowmobile on the water. With a high power-to-weight ratio and the wind in your face, you'll feel the adrenaline rush. They're best limited to short rides, though, since there isn't much room for relaxing.

Cabin Cruisers

This is the best lake boat for sailing in luxury. Not only does the cabin offer protection from extreme weather, but they often have the basics to sleep, cook and even watch movies. It's basically an RV on the water, making these boat ideal for overnight trips without the same expense as a yacht. The downsides are that cabin cruiser boats can't reach high speeds and are more difficult to tow and store.

If you've decided to get an inboard lake boat, visit Bakes Marine. We have the world's largest selection of specialty boat parts and accessories with more than a century of combined experience to serve you better.