Choosing the Right Boat Propeller

If you want to know how to choose the right propeller for your boat, you've made a smart first step in turning to Bakes Marine. We can share more than 30 years of expertise with you, in addition to offering affordable prices on our big inventory of props for boats.
How to Choose the Best Marine Speakers for Your Boat

Props is the nickname that boating veterans use when choosing propellers for boats. A prop (propeller) is a critical component to your vessels' propulsion system.

If you are using your boat for wakeboarding, wake surfing or other watersports, the right prop becomes an even more important piece of equipment when it comes to achieving maximum acceleration and performance. Whether you're buying a new propeller, or replacing a damaged one, always consult your boat owner's manual first to confirm compatibility.

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Propeller Diameter and Pitch

When looking at a new or replacement propeller, you'll need to know the diameter and pitch you want. The diameter is the size of the blade from tip to tip. The pitch is the distance the propeller will move your boat forward during one turn of the prop.
The diameter is the first number, and the pitch is the second on descriptions, such as 15 x 14.25 for our Acme 2249 15 (diameter) x 14.25 (pitch) four-blade propeller.

Our Acme 3537 16.5 x 14 four-blade boat propeller at Bakes Online has a diameter of 16.5 in. and a distance of 14 in. The Acme 3537 boat propeller is ideal for wakeboard boats.

You'll find a lot of Acme brand propellers on our website. We carry Michigan-made Acme props, because they propel more boats than other propeller brands. They are 100% CNC- machined (CNC is the abbreviation for computer numerical controlled) for precision power.

Prop Power and Price

You'll want a propeller powerful enough to quickly, efficiently power your boat through the water. And you'll want your prop at an affordable price.

When it comes to efficiency, a three-blade propeller is a general purpose prop that's efficient, although you'll feel it more than you will with a steadier (fewer vibrations) four-blade propeller. Four-blade boat propellers generally have more acceleration than three-blade boat props.

See our full line of affordably priced boat propellers. We have propellers for small and larger boats by brands like Acme Propellers and OJ Propeller (also known as Johnson Propeller Inc.).

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We offer more than a dozen styles of Acme props at Bakes Online. We have left-hand and right-hand propellers. Our Acme 380 propeller is a 13.5 x 17.5 right-hand four-blade propeller. Right-hand propellers rotate clockwise, while left-hand propellers rotate counter-clockwise.

When it comes to powering through the water, a lower pitch will create more power, but you'll want a lower pitch for a slower-moving boat. If you want a boat to travel faster, choose a higher pitch.

Our three-blade Acme 475 boat propeller is a 13 x 12.625 Acme prop that's ideal for pulling water skiers behind your boat, since it moves slower than four-blade propellers, but has more power.

Even if you already know whether you want a faster or slower boat, you still must consult your boat engine manual to ensure the pitch will be compatible with the recommended WOT (wide-open throttle) operating range of your engine. You'll want to keep your engine working at its recommended RPM.

In every case, we recommend having an extra propeller on hand as a backup, or for different uses (example: general purposes versus tow sport uses) while your boat is on the water.

About Malibu Boat Propellers

If you've buying a new or replacement propeller for your Malibu boat, you're in luck. See our free guide to recommended propellers for Malibu boats made between 2007 and 2013. We recommend Acme brand propeller upgrades for Malibu boats.

We also carry OJ propellers. Our OJ 945 WAKEPRO 15 x 13 left-hand propeller is a V-3 propeller with a blade shape designed to produce improved top-end and low-end power for improved speed and pulling performance. The OJ WAKEPRO V-3 prop has four blades with left-hand rotation.

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At Bakes Marine, you'll find top boat supply brands like Malibu Boats, Moomba and Supra Boats. We specialize in hard-to-find Malibu boat parts. Our Malibu boat covers that are available at our Bakes Online website are handcrafted in the U.S.

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