Engine Indmar Marine 5.7L Long Block

Product Description:

New OEM Indmar Marine 350 5.7L Long Block. Get the real thing from Indmar. Don't get sold a automotive block that can't handle the RPM's we demand in our water sports boats. Marine blocks use high performance parts & have tighter tolerances because of the lower temperatures we run on our engines (160 degrees vs. 240). Using the wrong base engine can lead to performance loss and premature failure.

Product Specs:
  • Indmar Marine Long Block (Assembled base motor and cylinder heads)
  • Includes New Circulation Water Pump, Harmonic Balancer and Fly Wheel
  • Replacement base engine for Indmar LCR,Monsoon 2-325HP, Monsoon 3-330HP, Monsoon 4-340HP Monsoon 350HP, Monsoon 350HP, Assault & MCX Engines (HP Changes with components bolted onto this block)
  • Price Does not include Freight ***Drop Shipped Via Freight Carrier. Freight will be determined once final shipping weight and destination is determined and will be charged separate from order.***

Sale Price $5,765.95 $4,999.95
(Savings: $766.00)
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