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Indmar 160 Degree Marine Thermostat

Thermostats can fail and lead to engine overheating. If you have an Indmar engine in your Malibu or other boat, it’s wise to always carry a Bakes Indmar thermostat replacement.

In addition, if you have an older engine with a 143-degree thermostat, the Indmar 160-Degree Marine Thermostat from Bakes Marine can help your boat perform even better and more efficiently. This Indmar #985009 thermostat is used on most Indmar engines, like the Indmar Monsoon, Indmar MCX, Indmar Assault and many others.


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Indmar 160 degrees marine thermostat part # 985009. Used on the majority of Indmar engines like the Indmar Monsoon, Indmar MCX, Indmar Assault, Indmar LT3R, Indmar Hammerhead, and many others. One exception is the Corvette LT1 engine, use Indmar part # 986034 for that engine.

Older engines equipped with a 143 degree thermostat can use the 160 degree thermostat. An engine running at 160 degrees will benefit better performance because fuel will atomize easier helping the engine run more efficiently. Make sure to perform a tune if you change from a 143 to a 160-degree thermostat. 

Thermostats can fail and what you use to replace it with is important. The only thermostat that will function properly is the original equipment.

Product Details:

  • Indmar part# 985009
  • OEM Indmar part
  • 160 degree fahrenheit thermostat
  • Marine brass & copper construction
  • Suggest replacing thermostat after an engine overheat
  • Make sure to use thread sealant on thermostat housing mounting bolts to help avoid vacuum and water leaks.
  • Sold individually
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Manufacturer Indmar
Manufacture part number 985009
Weight 1.500000
Country of Manufacture United States
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