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Bilge & Blower


That sinking feeling is never a good thing, especially if it happens to be your boat. Your boat’s bilge (for you landlubbers, that’s the lowest interior space in your hull) can potentially send your watercraft to the bottom of a lake, bay or any other body of water for a variety of reasons.

First, there is the problem of the wet stuff surrounding your boat. Even the tiniest leak in a hull can lead to a submerged vessel over time. Rain can flood a boat from above. A dependable boat bilge pump will automatically remove water from your bilge, making sure your boat stays on the right side of the waves.

Fuel fumes can also build up in your bilge. That can cause big problems when you turn on the ignition or otherwise create a spark on your craft.

A boat blower is the answer to this problem. The basic boat bilge blower simply uses a fan to exhaust potentially hazardous gases from your boat’s belly. If your boat blower motor is kaput, we offer a lineup of quality bilge blowers as replacements. Choose from a variety of Attwood bilge blower models.

We also carry handy accessories like heater and blower vent hose. We sell it by the foot, so you buy only what you need. Got questions? We have answers. Just call or email the friendly, experienced crew here at Bakes Marine.

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