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You may have seen the cobblestone streets in old port cities like Boston and New York. They are reminders of sailing ships that once used the weight of this ballast to make them easier to sail with little or no cargo. The concept lives on today, not only in large cargo ships plodding across the world’s oceans but in the powerful performance boats that drive the exciting watery world of wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

Simply put, the extra weight provided by boat ballast will make your boat run lower in the water. Displacing more water with your boat will plow up even bigger waves and wakes for those you tow to wakesurf, wakeboard and water ski from.

Our ballast boat products include an extensive selection of ballast bags, pumps and kits to help you and your crew have more fun on the water. Combined with the size of your wake, its shape is also an important part of the quality of the waves your boat generates. That’s why we carry wake shapers to help you get primo waves.

In addition to size and shape, the position of the ballast in your boat can have a big effect on the waves you make. Our big inventory of ballast sacs lets you put the extra weight in your boat exactly where you want it. That enables you to customize your waves and wake for the riders you tow. Our ballast sac selection has you and your boat covered from stem to stern to provide some awesome rides. Now that’s what we call making waves.

When it’s time to stop, whether for a gam with another captain or just to enjoy a cool frosty one or two with your crew, we carry a fine selection of anchors and anchor systems to keep your watercraft in place. Our big variety of anchors will let you hook into virtually any substrate.

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