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Back Up Buddy trailer brakes Lock out key

Back down launching ramps more easily with the Back Up Buddy Trailer Brakes Lock-Out Key available in our store or online at Bakes Marine.

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Trailers open up new horizons for boaters. They give you access to waters you may never have reached with your boat otherwise.

But it can be a hassle to drive with trailers, especially when you are backing down the ramp to launch or pick up your boat. Sometimes it seems trailers have minds of their own and want to go in a different direction than you want them to or don’t want to go at all.

Bakes Marine is here to help. Back Up Buddy is the original magnetic backup key for UFP actuators.

This little orange key comes in handy when you are trying to back your trailer up or maneuvering it. With this type of surge brake system, a back-up solenoid is supposed to keep your trailer brakes from working. If your trailer will not back up, you may have electrical or other problems causing the brakes to not disengage.

The manual Back Up Buddy lockout trailer key takes away frustrations when trying to use the factory lockout key that comes with the trailer. You drive your truck and trailer rather than the other way around.

With this product, there will be no more nasty tape, C-clamps, spare change and other improvisations damaging your trailer’s actuator and paint. No longer will you have to make someone hold the factory key to keep it from falling out, creating an unsafe situation with somebody between your car and trailer. With a Back Up Buddy, you can hit every bump, back up any slope and maneuver your trailer into any spot without the key falling out or locking up the brakes. 

Made of solid steel, this key is heavy-duty. It is laser cut for a perfect fit.

The key is powder-coated an eye-catching bright orange for high visibility so you will remember to remove it and also will have less chance of losing it. A heavy-duty strap makes for easy removal.

The Back Up Buddy replaces the silver factory lockout key, UFP part number 34557. It only fits the following UFP type surge brake actuators: A-60, A-70, A-75 and A-84.

Back Up Buddy has been tried and tested in marinas and boatyards. It is built tough for daily use and abuse. Made to last, it has been welded and riveted. 

High visibility makes it easy to see even from very far away. With a three-pound pull magnet, it can be placed on any steel surface on the trailer frame for storage so  it will be ready to use when you need it.

WARNING: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This key is intended for off-road and boatyard use only. When this key is installed, it disables braking systems. You must remove the Backup Buddy lockout key before driving a trailer on any roadway. DO NOT leave the Back Up Buddy permanently installed. Remove immediately after you are done backing up your trailer.

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Manufacturer Back Up Buddy
Manufacture part number BDY UFP 247
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