Caframo Pali Bilge Safe 400w Heater
Product Description:

Protect your engine against freeze damage and continue boating into the cooler months with a safe, ignition-protected engine compartment Caframo Pali bilge heater. Ideal for heating the bilge and engine compartments the Pali BilgeSafe Heaters utilizes energy-efficient, self-regulating PTC heating elements that cannot overheat and meet all requirements for ignition protection. In addition to protecting engines, these heaters also benefit yourt boats batteries by combating cold temperatures that can shorten battery life. Red LED indicates when the heater is running and heating the engine compartment. Each heater includes a quick-release mounting plate for easy installation and removal. The heater begins heating as soon as it is plugged in, while the utilizes an internal, hermetically-sealed thermostat that turns the heater on at 45°F (7°C) and off at 65°F (18°C).

Product Specs:
  • Model# 9510CA-BBX
  • Height Measures 5" inches
  • Width Measures 9" inches
  • Height Measures 5" Deep
  • Draws 3.4 amps when running (9 amps at Start Up)
  • Includes a 20' 18 Awg Heater Grade Cord
  • Includes Quick Mount Bracket
  • 2 Year Warranty

Bakes Price: $199.99
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